p90x For Women

p90x For Women Review

p90x for women is one of the most successful workout products for all Women of varying levels of fitness.  It is great for beginners and also really good for Women of intermediate and advanced levels of fitness.  It consists of 12 DVDs, a diet book, and program guide.


Can save money and cancel your gym membership… I am serious about this, no more Gym jerks, no more waiting for machines or aerobic equipment, no more crowded gyms

Fast results… really! Best fat burner on the market. Diet guide (see bottom) makes dieting a snap, it is all laid out for you and you don’t have to STARVE yourself! The P90X for Women program is laid out step by step… no guessing, it is so easy

You can go at your own pace… Tony Horton shows you how beginners can keep up… he separates and shows you moves for beginners and also advanced moves for when you are ready. Great for Women… no heavy weights required, can use your own body weight… or Work out Bands which is a major plus as work out Bands don’t cost much at all.

Great for losing weight… I mean really great!, has a stretching and Yoga component for flexibility.  (More about the program below.)
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p90x for women Cons:

Some say it is long and hard… at first
Workouts go from 35 minutes to 60 minutes (including warm up and cool down)
Workouts can get difficult.  (remember to go at your own pace!)
No more Cons really!

What people are saying:
“Worth the Money”
“it works”
“Not a Penny wasted!”
“Why did I spend all those years in the gym?”
“Plateau Buster”
“Changed my Life and Mindset! AWESOME!”
“P90X will change your life”

If you follow the p90x for women program as taught by Tony Horton you will see results.  Many people start and quit this program… even though they have seen some results, the really missed out on the potential that this program can provide you.

Check out these p90x before and after results Videos

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Nutrition Guide Review

Nutrition is key for quick results.   Following their sample diet plans will give you the energy to complete the entire workouts without getting too tired.  Each month is divided into phases.  The below just summarizes the nutrition plan, in the Nutrition Guide you get, it will be much more detailed with sample menu plans.

Phase I (day 1 – 30) – Fat Shredder Phase – 50/30/20 (protein/carbs/fat).  That is, 50% of your calories from Protein, 30% from Carbs, and 20% from fat.  You may want to supplement your protein with some good Whey Protein. Only one serving a day will be good enough, if you like you can add another.  I love the chocolate Whey Protein… tastes great and and easy to whip up into a shake mixed with fruit.

Phase II – (days 31-60) – Energy Booster Phase – (40/40/20) – You will be increasing your Carb intake by 10% to give you more energy during the workouts.  This will allow you to really increase your intensity for rapid fat loss.   If you have not seen a rapid body fat decrease in month one (do not weigh yourself, in month one… you are decreasing your body fat not your body weight) you will really see the body fat loss during this phase. This month accelerates your body fat loss.

Phase III (days 61-90) – Endurance Maximizer – (20/60/20) – Increasing your carbs again here.  You will have even more endurance and energy for added intensity. Your body will be used to the workouts by now.  Note, you are decreasing body fat and also toning your muscles which will really shape up your body curves, tighten your but and thighs and get rid of any back fat or love handles.